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Ziebart Superstore offers total vehicle protection. We have rust protection available for new and used vehicles. Our undercoating protection is guaranteed to protect your vehicle's undercarriage from moisture, chemicals, and salt. Do you want to protect your vehicle's paint? Choose our diamond gloss service or our paint protection films.

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Are you experiencing extra noise on the road? We have the solution! Our sound barrier application is four times thicker than undercoating and will cut down on road noise.

  • Rust protection - Complete Vehicle Rust Protection backed by a 10 year Rust-Through Warranty on New Vehicles, can also be applied to Used Vehicles with a Rust Eliminator product to slow down any current surface rust

  • Undercoating - Ziebart proprietary underbody selant that protects your vehicle from all of the harsh materials used on our roads today.

  • Diamond gloss - A resin based coating for your paint that keeps it shining like showroom new and you don't need to wax your vehicle again

  • Sound barrier - Thicker Undercoating that helps to reduce road noise

  • Protection film - Optically clear film that keeps your vehicle from getting damaged by road hazards. IT'S LIKE A SCREEN PROTECTOR FOR YOUR CAR !!

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Our Newest Product Ceramic Z-Gloss